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hemp apron for her

45 EUR31.50 EUR

Simple minimal hemp apron from collection LEN.

Collection LEN is created with respect for the nature, using 100% natural materials such as linen, wool or organic cotton. In cooperation with Slávka and Michal Bažalík,  we have created garments that highlight the quality, ease of fit and durability. Clothing suitable for vineyards and theater.

one size - length: 65 cm
                   width: 72 cm (elastic)

material: 100% hemp
                 100% linen

wash: 40°

Ushyté is Slovak brand established in 2009. Name of the brand is based on the Slovak word "ušité" which means "sewing".The word that captures the essence. Comfort and feeling of uniqueness is the way I want to communicate through clothing. Pattern is an essential element of every piece of latest collection.